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Epoxy resin Crystal 200 15kg

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Epoxy resin Crystal 200 15kg

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If you are tired of pouring the resin in 1 cm layers, try our resin, you can fill it up to 5 cm at a time.

In order not to answer each separately, I will write a little about the prices.

And so, the price of a set of 12 kg of resin + 3 kg of hardener = 4830 UAH

From this it follows that: 1 kg of resin + 250 grams of hardener - you get for 322 UAH,

Not 450 UAH, and not 600 UAH, but only 322 UAH, and the result is better than for UAH 900!

And do not torment us with questions why it is so cheap, you want to pay more - we will not refuse)))

tel / viber for the order: +380501002750

Crystal 200 epoxy resin for pouring worktops and other products.

You can fill up to 5 cm thickness for 1 time, calmly and without boiling.

If our resin boils at you - WE WILL RETURN YOU MONEY!


1. Price

2. Heat resistance of the product up to 150C

3. The hardness of the product obtained is several times higher than that of competitors

4. Technical support from the beginning to the receipt of the product

5. Fast shipping in Ukraine and to European countries

6. Gifts, contests, master classes

7. Transparency and lack of yellowness

8. The product can be safely operated on the street.

9. The goods are always in stock

We send by New Mail across all Ukraine, after 100% of an advance payment.

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